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Hello, I’m AL-QASIM ABUBAKAR ALI NEGEDU . we are hereto help you to become successful in your DEEN.


About the founder

AL-QASIM ABUBAKAR ALI NEGEDU  is a Nigerian and a student of knowledge, whose penchant for knowledge is the reason underlying his records of intellectual pursuits and achievements. He has been privileged-in the course of learning- to have studied before several notable Scholars in fields of Qur’an, hadeeth, Tawheed, Fiqh and Arabic language. This feat has made him travelled far-and-wide, outside and within Nigeria.

Worthy of mention is the fact he studied at international
university of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan, Ummul- Qura University, Makkah, kingdom
of Saudi Arabia etc. and earned notable certificates.






Years of Experience


AL-YAMAAN ONLINE ACADEMY is established to offer global access to quality Qur’an recitation/memorization, learn aqeeda/manhaj, fiqh, Arabic language etc to all calibers of people in a manner that befits their schedules & engagements.

Rendering authentic knowledge of the Deen as practiced by the Pious Predecessors(Salaf) is our utmost goal.

Our leverage of technology gives flexibility & ease to our students in a manner a feature not common with traditional on-campus learning.

We have wide range of tutors in various fields with rich & diverse experience

  • Individuality
  • Effective Programs
  • Online Training
  • Care and Support
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AL-Qasim is a Writer, Arabic-English Translator and preacher. Notable amongst his literary works is “description and manner of ablution of the Prophet( ).He-as well- teaches at masajid, different books and has ben imam of various masajid.
AL-QASIM has been teaching Islam for barely two decades now. His experience at teaching Qur’an and other related fields of knowledge is robust, in sha Allah. Teaching adults and children as well, is to him a land-mark achievement. This achievement prepared the ground for him to have managed prosperously as Director of following schools: AL-AZHAR ISLAMIC LEARNING CENTER, MAMEENA SCHOOLS ISLAMIYYA, MARZOOK MODEL SCHOOL.
To the glory of Allah, he founded AL-YAMAAN INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS which birthed AL-YAMAAN ONLINE ACADEMY.